Have valuable insight to share? Want to hone your public speaking skills? Would you like to be given a venue to share your insight?

iLEADx is that and more… through the Speech Competition, young men and women are given the platform to showcase their best work.

What happens at the Speech Competition?

  • Applicants choose from a set list of topics, provided with recommended sources
  • They prepare a 10‐15min speech
  • They audition in front of a panel of judges
  • If approved, they are invited to iLEADx to compete
  • iLEADx is open to the public
  • At iLEADx, competitors present their respective speeches.
  • They are judged by the panel of judges PLUS public vote.

What after iLEADx?

Prizes, prizes and prizes… PLUS The top 3 speakers will then be given the stage at the I.LEAD 2019 Conference, presenting in front of thousands! This is for a reasonable honorarium, of course.

What are the prizes at iLEADx?

A plaque… just kidding, it’s actually monetary prizes! This is to truly motivate and encourage participation!

  • Top Speaker Prize: $500
  • 2nd Place Speaker Prize: $300
  • 3rd Place Speaker Prize: $200

Apply NOW!